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With 52 Charities, City Centre Bingo has been a major contributor to the Saskatoon and area for over 25 years. We raise and distribute over $3 million annually with 100% of the funds raised staying right here in Saskatchewan supporting social programs, sports programs, school programs and Parks & Recreation programs. For many of our Charities, City Centre Bingo has been the major source of charitable revenues. The City of Saskatoon and surrounding areas will continue to benefit from the efforts of our Charities and City Centre Bingo for many years to come.

96th Highlander Pipe & Drum
Aberdeen Parks & Rec
Biggar Theatre
Clavet Arena
Colonsay Rec.
Community Radio
Delisle Chiefs
Delisle Community FRC
Filipino Canadians
Herds of Thunder
Knights of Columbus Sheptysky Council
Kiwanis Riversdale
Langham Minor Sports
Marion Graham

Martensville Kinsmen

Perdue Charities

Perdue School
Preston Early Learning C.
Royal Canadian Legion
Saskatoon A’s Baseball
Saskatoon Blazers

Saskatoon Contacts

Saskatoon Diving
Saskatoon Downtown Lions
Saskatoon Elks
Saskatoon Goldfins
Saskatoon Hilltops
Saskatoon Indian Metis F.C.
Saskatoon Millenium Lions
Saskatoon Quakers
Saskatoon Royals
Saskatoon Stroke Recovery

Suntep Students

Saskatoon Westleys
Saskatoon YBC Bowling
Sonia’s School of Ukrainian Dance
Spadina Early Learning
St. John’s Bosco CWL
Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood
Ukrainian Self-Reliance
Walter Brown School
Yevshan Dancers
Young Parks
Zone M Aces
Zone G
Zone W Bobcats
Zone 3 Fastball
Zone 4 Fastball
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