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Player Of The Week Mondays!

First single winner on regular game becomes the player of the week for that session. matinee , evening & late night session will have one winner each. they receive a 12 up super Pak for the rest of the week (Tuesday – Sunday) for the session that they won – All programs

The coupon has no cash value and no substitutions are allowed, coupon cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts.

Player Appreciation Game – $1,000

LETTER X in allotted numbers pays $1,000

Every last Wednesday of the month is Pot “o” gold Wednesdays!

Bingo on the star on the Pot of Gold card and win a $200 bonus

Thriller Thursdays

New information coming soon!

Matinee Evenings and Late Night Programs

$500 must go on the Matinee Bonanza

3 X $500 must go on the Evening Bonanza

2 X $500 must go on the Late Night Bonanza


Matinee Evening and Late Night Programs

$500 must go on the Matinee Bonanza

$500/pg Regular games and $1,000/pg on Double Wins with 2 x’s $500 Bonanzas on Evening Program

$300/pg on regular games  with $500 BONANZA on Late Night Program


Bonanza Blowout

5 x $1,000 each must go on the Evening Program

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